bettie. jive refined.

bettie is the commercial development of Ben Arents jive project. bettie is currently a startup and we are going to be deploying a beta of our technology in 2010.

The Company

bettie believes in creating next generation accessible experience to enhance social connect. We are a user centered design driven company, that believes in providing the best solution to our users. We formed in 2010, and the are a start-up company based in Dublin, Ireland.

The Developers

Ben Arent.

Ben is the lead designer on bettie.  He has been working at the TRIL centre for the last year developing user centered designs to assist older adults to age in place.  He brings a range of skills to the team ranging from Software, graphics, hardware and design.

Zoran Škrba.

Zoran Škrba, senior software engineer at the TRIL Centre, UCD, brings experience and a range of telecommunication, embedded systems and software engineering skills to the team. He is the CTO with a versatile toolbox and is capable to work from hardware design, to online data management and aggregation server services.

Buy a device?

We are currently developing a small amount of products to trial in Ireland.  Once the Irish beta is complete will start deploying in Europe.  Bettie will be a lot cheaper than a home PC, but we can’t say the price yet. 
Please watch this space for more information.